Poppy Drops

Once upon a time there was a mama... she had three children and the wee littlest was a girl.  This little girl loved her mama and wanted to be just like her.  Of that, the mama was very proud but became sad at the thought of her little one growing up too soon.  She wanted her to have fun with “big girl things” but in a special, little girl way.
So... the mama created fun earrings (made from her favorite vegetables) that would stay on for days & days without her little one needing to pierce her ears. She made fancy art to decorate her nails, all without having to dip her little one’s tiny fingers in messy polish or nose curling chemicals. And then, she made soft & sweet perfume that wouldn’t spill or break but instead left her smelling as pretty as a summer’s day.
The little girl was so happy and excited! She wore her bright, colorful earrings, put on her fancy nails and everyone told her she smelled so pretty. She twirled around and danced all day and forgot all about wanting to grow up™.

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